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Vincent Scoma

Hi Victor,

Great question! Part of what you'll need to consider is whether the settings on the LMS side will allow users to restart the course, or if there is a limit on course attempts in that interface. You may also want to look at adjusting the Resume Behavior for the course as well. Depending on the settings selected, learners can either start from the beginning every time, pick up where they left off, or choose to start over or resume.

Victor Madison

The courses, that my client requested the retake limit, have more than one quiz in each lesson.  So, if they reset from the LMS, the trainee would have to retake ALL of the quizzes in the lesson.

My temporary solution is the include 2 layers on the results page that are displayed after 3 quiz failures.  The first layer tells the trainee that they have reached the limit for retaking the quiz.  That page has a "Back to Lesson" button that allows the trainee to continue with the lesson.  The page also has a check-box that  says "click here after you have reviewed this information with you supervisor".  When the trainee clicks the check-box, Layer 2 is displayed and the quiz can be taken 3 more times.  This is repeated until the trainee passes the quiz.

As you can see, my method relies on the honesty of the trainee as they can click the check-box without seeing their supervisor.

Victor Madison

Lauren, thanks for joining this conversation.  For each lesson, there are several documents the trainee has to read and then take a quiz.  Three failures on any quiz calls up Retake page 1.  The "Back to the Lesson" button on Retake page 1 takes the trainee back to the Main Menu of the lesson so they can continue, read other documents and take other quizzes.  If the trainee tries to take a quiz from the main menu that they have failed 3 times, they jump to Retake Page 1.  So they are caught in a loop until they see their supervisor and click the check-box that takes them to Retake Page 2.

The CONTINUE button on Retake Page 2 resets the attempts to "0" for the failed quiz.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Victor!

I understand! In that case, only a supervisor could grant the student permission to retake the quiz and it would be up to the honesty of the student to reach out to the supervisor to grant additional attempts. This isn't a build I've seen before, but I know others from the community have created something similar!