How to link back to index page's slide layer instead of base layer?

Jun 15, 2017

I love this template from Trina Rimmer. It originally allowed me to link the different scenes together to the index page's slide layers. However, after updating a few things (adding visited state and congratulations slide), I realised that the last slide of each scene no longer links to their corresponding scenes' slide layer. Now all the slides goes to same base layer "What is general ACP", instead of their corresponding slide layers.  

e.g. clicking on the ACP button should bring me to "ACP Introduction" rather than back to the main index page "What is General ACP". 

I know this is possible because it was originally so. Can someone advise me how to do it? 

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Equipe Technique ANEMA

Hi Benedict,

If I understood, when you click on "Intro" you have to go on the slide layer "Intro to ACP" and when you are on this layer there is the button "learn more" which have to send you on the good scene.

If I right, when you are on the first slide, in the triggers you must to do : jump to layer "intro to ACP" when the user clicks on "Intro" instead of "jump to slide". (I hope you will understand because I'm working on the french version of Storyline. I don't know exactly the english version).

See attach the modification I made on your file. I did it only on "Intro" to show you.

I hope this is what you're expected.


Benedict Chia

Hi Robin!

Thanks for super quick response. I understand how you did it and made the changes for all other tabs. It works! 

However, I notice a side issue. i.e. the green ticks appear the moment I click on them. So a learner could technically just click across on the tabs without going through any of the content. But they won't see my NEXT button. This is a good thing. 

So, is there a way to make the green ticks appear after they have gone through the materials?  That is to say that they had to click through the "Learn More" button. 

PS+ I love this community! :)

Equipe Technique ANEMA


You have to create a new state on "Intro" (and all the others) and put the green ticks. Don't use the state "visited". After you put a variable true/false on each first slide on each scene. And you add the follow trigger on the slide where are the green ticks : change the state of "Intro" when the variable change to false.

I made an example on Intro and Misconceptions.


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