How to link to Ariculate output for mobile

Let's say I have a mobile application (runs on iPad and iPhone) in which I would like to include a short course as a Help topic. I publish the course as HTML5 for the web, without the Articulate mobile player option.

Are these the correct steps to allow learners to access the course?

  • I include the published output folder on the web as part of my application.


  • When the learner selects Help - the application should link to the story.html file.
  •  Storyline will then decide which version of the course to show the learner - based on device/browser being used.
  • Since I did not publish using the Articulate mobile player, the user will see HTML5 output on mobile Safari.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ejuana,

So you're linking one Storyline course to another as a Help link or tab? You'll want to place the second course (the one users will see when clicking on Help) within a web server as well and then use the story.html link for the course and add that to your original course as a URL. 

Ejuana Mitchell

Hi Ashley,

Actually, I'm linking one Storyline course to a web application (not Storyline). The web application will link to the Storyline course when the user clicks on a Help button (URL of story.html). The Storyline course will be on the same web server as the application.

Does that make sense?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ejuana,

If you're linking a Storyline course somewhere else in the web, yes you'll want to link to the story.html file and it will need to be on a web server (same one or different - doesn't matter there) that the users could access (not behind a firewall per say). It sounds like you should be good to go. When the Storyline course opens on the iPad you will see a "launch page" for the HTML5 content.