How to link to the notes without using the player functions


Currently I am working with a template for mobile devices. In this template there is no room for the menu bars from the player. We have added voice over and notes to the e-learning. Now I want to add a trigger on the slide itself which will show the contents of the notes, without having to add a layer on the slide in which the notes have been copied.  Does anyone know if this is possible?


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Dominique - To the best of my knowledge, if you wanted a trigger to show the notes in the slide, you would need to put it in a layer and then use a button, etc. to trigger the notes layer to appear. However, you mentioned that you do not want to copy the notes into a layer, so my suggestion would be to move the notes to the TopBar right, or TopBar left to have the 'menu sidebar' not appear. Hope that helps!