How to load storyline html output easily from external server


I uploaded the storyline HTML output file in the external server for our mobile application. But it takes time(minimum 25 seconds) to load in the browser when I open it. We found that it takes more time to open app.min.js and other javascript files. Can anyone help to solve this problem? How to optimize the HTML file?


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Matthew Bibby

I believe it is already optimised to load as fast as it can. I'm sure if there was an easy way to reduce the loading time that Articulate would have already done it.

If you want something that loads significantly faster, you'll need to code if from scratch (HTML/JS/CSS) yourself and make good choices when choosing JS libraries etc. 

Also... check your server. If you are on a cheap shared server you are probably getting worse performance than you could if you had a dedicated server with ample resources.