How to load texts from a text file and display them onto the slides?

Hi all, I need to create a content using Storyline 2. And the texts shown on the slides cannot be fixed. User can change the texts offline without re-publish. So I am thinking of using a text file to load all the needed texts and then from the Storyline, pull the texts from the file. However, I don't know how to do it. May I know if anyone here has done similar item before? Or any method to achieve this? Thanks alot

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Julia Tan

Hi Christie, Thanks for your help. 

I wanted to use storyline 2 to design some introduction course wares for the new staffs. On the course ware, some of the slides texts are subject to changes. Such as number of staffs we have, HR contact change, etc. 

So I need a method that allow the HR staff to manually modify these items without loading the content on storyline 2 platform and re-publish it. One thing I can think of is to load text from external file. Then HR just need to change the text in that external file. 

But I have no idea how to go about. Or is there any other easily way that I didn't realize? 

I am fine if all the texts are load from external file. 

Thanks! :)

Christie Pollick

Hi, Julia -- Thanks for your reply, and while I am not aware of a way to accomplish what you have in mind, perhaps others in the community will be able to chime in with some options you can try. Also, I wanted to mention that you would be welcome to reach out in our design-related Building Better Courses forum over here, as well.