How to localize the e-learning modules produced by storyline?

Hi, Storyline experts:

           I am responsible for localizing the e-learning modules produced by my colleagues. How to extract the text of the e-learning modules produced by storyline? I plan to extract the text at first and then I translate tem and then I import the translated text back to e-learning modules. How to fullfill the process? Look forward to your reply!

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Kiran Veeranki

Hi Shirley,

I am Kiran, glad to share the information about localizing e-learning modules in Storyline. 

In Storyline Update 3 version there is an option to export the content to word document which can be translated and proof read. Once the translation is completed into required language, you can import the same word document into Storyline. It will update all the text objects automatically. 

For your reference please go through the below link about the process.

Let me know if you still having any more issues.



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Shirley Xu

Unbelievable! There are so many nice experts here. Thank you very much, Lidia, Kiran, Antony, Leslie, Ashley.

I have another question. How about the voice recorded for the slides? Can the export button work for the voice? Or I need to record the localized voice and insert the voice file into the slide?