How to lock/unlock navigation in a course

Jun 09, 2014


I've been asked to lock the navigation on the course I am working on so that on the first attempt the learner isn't able to skip through to the end. To that end I've disabled the buttons in the menu (using States) until the learner has reached the relevent section.

The client would also like the learner to be able to go back and review sections at will if they fail the quiz at the end, but currently as I have disabled the buttons. if the learner revists an earlier section they are pushed back through the locked navigation.

Is there any way to make the buttons freely available at the second attempt?



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Kevin Thorn

Hi Sarah,

Not seeing the entire context of your design and only going off  your description, there's a way to accomplish this with a single variable.

Create a T/F variable labeled, "review" or (something similar) and set its initial value to False.

Place a trigger on the quiz feedback that shows a failing score - Adjust Variable [review] to True when the timeline starts. The timeline of the feedback layer and not the main slide.

Now here's the busy work. You'll need to add a trigger to every slide that evaluates that variable's value. If False, keep as is with restricted navigation. If True, you'll need to add a trigger to change the parameter of what you currently have set to restrict the Next button to allow learners to advance.

In theory, the first pass through the content the variable is False restricting navigation. Once they arrive at the quiz *and* get a failing score, the variable will flip from False to True. Then on the learner's second pass through the content the restriction is lifted.

Hope this helps.

Judy Nollet

The Player allows you to restrict navigation so users can't jump ahead but can revisit previously viewed slides, with NO variables required. In the Player:

  1. Go to the Menu.
  2. Open Additional Options (that's the gear icon in the lower left).
  3. Set the Navigation Restrictions drop-down to Restricted.

Note that if you show the Storyline Menu, people can use that to go back, but not to go forward (not even to the next slide). That may require some explaining, e.g., navigation help, because Storyline does NOT have an automatic warning about why clicking ahead doesn't work. When I have to use restricted navigation, I also change the label from "Menu" to "Outline" so it doesn't seem like the place to go for moving through the course. Keep in mind that you don't have to show it at all if you've created your own menu.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ruchi! Hmmm, that's an interesting one. You mentioned questions in your first response. Is this a quiz? You want to allow users to skip over/ahead within a quiz, but not go back? Or do you just want the learner to go in the order that you've added the questions and not allow them to go back? 

I'm not sure about the first scenario, but the second scenario is standard for quizzes and you can just not display the menu for those slides :) 

Help me better understand your scenario and I'll be glad to help if I can.

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