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Luke Benfield

Hi John,

When I have needed to create video loops in the past, I just created a trigger to Play Media (video) when Media Completes (same video). This should create the loop.

Another option, depending on how your project is set up, would be to create a layer and have the video play on the layer. Then, set up triggers on the layer to show that layer when the Media completes. You'll want to change the layer properties to "Reset to Initial State." Either of those, or a variation should work for you. Hope that helps.

Luke Benfield

Hi David,

Are you trying to loop only a certain portion of the video, or loop the whole video?

It looks like the video is about 5 minutes long, but the timeline is only 6 seconds long. That is probably the cause of the issue.

I would recommend using the trim feature in the video editor to crop down the video to only the portion you want to play/loop, or set your timeline to be as long as the video.

Also, you should just need the play video when media completes trigger. 

As a fail safe, you can create two layers (let's call them A and B), move the video from the base layer to layer A and also copy it over to B. Set change both layer properties to Reset to Initial state. On the base layer, create a trigger to show layer A when Timeline starts. On Layer A, create a trigger to show layer B when the timeline ends. On layer B, create a trigger to show Layer A when timeline ends.

This will create a perpetual loop.

Hope that helps.