How to make a .pdf more readable in Storyline - zoomin, magnify, etc?

Hi. I am building an assessment and have a slide where the learner can see the case notes as well as some instructions and a full page document on one page. I built with the 16:9 format so there would be enough space on the canvas but in doing that, the actual .pdf of the full-page form only has so much space and the text turns up fairly small. I've tried to resize it on the canvas itself but it is still difficult to read. The stakeholder still wants the full page view of the document (versus splitting it up on different slides referencing one half and then the other half where they are enlarged. Not sure how to show the full page and have it be easier on the eyes.

I thought about inserting it as a web object but don't have an online storage space and tried making that index.htm folder to do it but it didn't work. Wondering what other options I have - maybe something like a zoom feature, magnify, pan, etc. Not sure which options I have or how to build that.

Would love your advice. Many thanks for your help!

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Russell Killips

Hello Carla,

I like to use something that's called ViewerJS. Their web address is:

ViewerJS will not work locally. It won't function properly until you upload your course online.

I use it as a Web Object.

The Web Object should have:

  1. ViewerJS folder
  2. index.html file
  3. a pdf document.

The only file that you may need to edit is the index.html file. This file can easily be edited using Notepad. You can edit this file to reference your pdf.

Below is a screen shot of the index.html file opened in Notepad and the pdf title is highlighted in blue.

I have attached the zipped up Web Object for you to use.

And here is a link of it working and published online.