How to make a puzzle work like this

Apr 12, 2020


I'm looking to create a puzzle that looks like:

  • Puzzle pieces are scattered on the page/slide.
  • Each puzzle piece is labeled by topic.
  • Once leaner clicks on puzzle piece, they're triggered to the content of that topic and once completed, they're triggered back to the puzzle to pick another puzzle piece. The original puzzle piece has moved to the center of the page/slide and each subsequent action moves the pieces in place.  
  • At the end of the lesson, all the puzzle pieces are in place.

One last question:

One module I'm creating needs to be sequential and the other doesn't. Is there a way to logically make the puzzle pieces work sequentially?

Thank you and I'm open to any and all ideas on how to make a puzzle (or another game) work!


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Walt Hamilton

Depends on how big and elaborate the topics are.

If visiting each topic involves several slides:

1. Create menu page.Set it to return to initial state on revisit.  You have to do this so the timeline starts every time you return, because it is the start of the timeline that initiates the movement of the pieces. Equip each topic icon (puzzle piece with a motion path from where it is to its final resting place in the completed puzzle.

2. For the TopicOne icon create a trigger to jump to topic slides. When learner finishes TopicOne create a button to click to return. Create a trigger for that button that sets variable "TopicOne" to true, then a next trigger that returns to the menu slide.

3. On menu slide, the icon will have a trigger that was created with the creation of the motion path. It will read "Move icon on motion path X when timeline of icon starts." Add to it the condition "if variable TopicOne is equal True".

4. For a more realistic effect, you can move each icon to later in the timeline, so they don't all appear and move at the same time. Time them so each appears after the previous motion path has completed. Then they appear one after the other, and the completed ones move to their spot.

If the topics can be handled in layers, you don't need the variables. Create a layer for each topic. When you create the motion paths, delete the automatically created trigger to "Move object on motion path when timeline of this object starts". At the end of each layer, create a button to click to return, with two triggers. The first hides this layer, and the second moves the object on the motion path.

To force sequential navigation, set each icon except the first to an initial state of Hidden. Create a trigger to "Change state of TopicTwo to Normal when motion path of TopicOne completes".

If you have problems, come back here and attach your .story file for more help.

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