How to make a quotation interesting

I'm designing a project that will be teaching learners about play spaces, and the importance of them - namely via a quotation from a report by the regulator, Ofsted.

Its a wordy quotation about how two children investigated outside and used each other and others to inform their learning.

I thought about doing a comic strip approach to break up the quotation and try and bring it to life, but I've already done a comic strip and dont know how applicable it is for what I'm trying to do.

Basically I need the learners to be able to understand the quote! I'm keen to ensure interaction in the learning where I can, so has anyone got any ideas?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Rachel,

Personally (and I know I may have cakes thrown at my head for this) I am not a fan of comic strips. However, it's still a good idea. I can see that really appealing to children. 

Are the children communicating/talking? Or are you just pulling in the quotes from the documentation? If they're interacting, you could display characters in a fun environment (which would work well if they're outside investigating, you could change the background scenes for the areas they're exploring) and bring in some additional characters along the way. With some animation you could almost make this look like a cartoon, or video. 

How interactive do you want this to be? Do you want this to be shown in one solid display of content, or do you want to have the learner to engage in any activities? 

The main thing I would suggest is to consider your audience. If you were going to be watching or interacting with this, would you prefer something entertaining, interactive or professional? What type of learners will be accessing the content? Will this be designed for only children, or anyone that wants to learn about the content?

Good luck with the project! Would love to see what you decide to do

Bob S

Not sure if I would go "comic book" style for this one, but I'll tell you what popped to mind... Remember the classic Shel Silverstein book, The Giving Tree?

Super simple, pen and ink children's illustration style. Basically, write the quote as a bit of a "story" with that  B&W illustrations style. Would be appropriate for audience, engaging, and a nice polished look. 

Check out the B&W interior page shots here

Hope this helps,


Rachel Nickson

You guys are awesome...and much more talented than I!

I'm not in the same league as you lot - I dont have a designer (or know how to bring animations to life!)....

Really great ideas and a fantastically useful discussion.

My audience is teaching assistance from a complete mix of backgrounds - some will be well educated, others not at all....(mainly these)....

I did the comic book effect for this:

Theres no animation on it - its just a visual representation of something.

I broke the quotation up into an animated slide, trying (I'm a novice!) to 'bring it to life' - I used a character to introduce the quote, and then speech marks to make the conversation between a static image try and look real.

Its now a short slide with no interaction, but trying to be more interesting...I'm learning from you guys every day! Love this forum to learn from the experts!

Thank you for your help.

If you have any other ideas let me know!

Bruce Graham

Hi Rachel - those look really great! 

One thing about captions is that there are many many styles - all of which have a slightly different visual "meaning".

Have a look at this wonderful article -

There's a wonderful collection here - which are free for non-commercial AND commercial use