How to make a storyboard for an adaptive course?


I am going to design an adaptive course with different learning paths. At first, the students have to answer a few questions about their target group. Each question will branch the student to another question and the combination of answers will branch the student to the corresponding learning path.  Because of the large amount of possible combinations, I don't know how to make the design visible in a storyboard. Does anyone have a suggestion to make a clear design for this case?


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Nicole Legault

Hi Annemijn!

Thanks so much for posting your question here in the forums. Sounds like you're creating a storyboard for a branched e-learning course, and I completely understand what you mean by struggling with the number of possible combinations and how to make that as clear and visible as possible in your storyboard document.

I recently wrote an article (How I Built this Branched E-Learning Scenario) about a course I designed that also had a lot of different paths. One thing I did, to make sure I was clear about how everything was linked, was create a navigation "flowchart" (I did this right in Powerpoint, or you could use Storyline, simply using shapes, text, and arrows) for the course. You can see a graphic of this in the article. You'll notice for each question, I have three arrows (each a different color) that represents each possible choice and where it will lead them to next in the course. Perhaps a similar approach would work well for your project!