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sandie coco

Hi Jyothi -

I'm not quite certain I understand. What I'm getting is that you have a text field where the user types in text and you want to take whatever text they type and display it back. If that's the case then I would use variables. Let's say your asking them to enter their name so on a different slide you can say Welcome [name]. When you insert a Data Entry box, a variable for that box is automatically created. By default the variable is labeled TextEntry. I would edit that variable and label it name or something relevant to what the user will enter into the text box.

To display whatever text was entered in the name text box, you would use %name% to display it. In this example if my variable were Name and I wanted to the screen to show Welcome Name, the text box would contain Welcome %Name%. You could then take that text box and create a trigger or use it in a drag & drop interaction.

Hope that helps.

jyothi sita

Hi Sandie,

Thank you for your response. I am looking for the following.

I don't want to have a choice to delete the text in a "Data Entry box" once we entered/ typed into it. My question here is, do we have any change not to delete text from a "Data Entry box" once we entered/ typed.

Looking forward for your response...!