How to make a trigger not work until audio is done playing

Mar 29, 2016

Greetings, everyone. I have run into a problem and hope someone can help me figure it out.

After the Storyline module was complete, the client now wants a new feature. Here's what I have:

On the top-level slide of the scene, there is audio. I have set the state of the Next button to "disabled" until the audio has finished. On the page, there are three icons. Each has a layer associated so when you hover over it, it glows. When you click the glowing icon (in the hover state, so you're actually seeing the layer), it takes you to a new slide. The client now wants the user not to be able to advance to any of the second-tier slides -- the ones that open when you click the glow layer -- until the audio has finished, but he DOES want the icons to glow whenever you hover over them. (I hope that all makes sense!)

I have tried adding a condition to the trigger that jumps to the appropriate slide. I have also tried removing the layer and using a hover state instead. (The appearance and disapperance of the glow is much jerkier this way, but it doesn't matter since I can't get the right set of conditions to make the clicking of the icon inactive until the audio on the top-tier slide is finished playing.)

I'm stumped! How can I set a variable or state so the clicking of the icon doesn't work until after the audio on the top-tier page has completed?

Many thanks!

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Wendy Farmer

Sorry I've misunderstood - from your description it sounded like audio and icons are on the same page.

On the top-level slide of the scene, there is audio. I have set the state of the Next button to "disabled" until the audio has finished. On the page, there are three icons. When you click the glowing icon (in the hover state, so you're actually seeing the layer), it takes you to a new slide.

Shel, Can you upload the story file - might be easier for someone to help if they can see the setup

Shel Holtz

No worries. I think it's pretty complicated.

The three icons and the audio are on the same page. However, I have a layer for each icon that is a glowing version of the icon. When the user hovers over the icon, the "glow" layer appears. it is this glowing icon on the layer that when clicked takes the user to the related slide. I need the that click to be disabled until the media stops playing. The media is on the top-tier slide, not the layer. The complete project is fairly large. How would I go about uploading it? (Sorry, this is the first time an upload of the story file has come up!) I can't begin to express my gratitude for your help!

Shel Holtz

Gotcha, Wendy. Attached. On the first slide you see, you'll see the three icons. You can hover over them to see the glow (a client requirement that came late in the game, not part of the original spec), and when you click on the glowing icon (which is actually a layer), it takes you to the related page. Thanks!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Shel

I have it partially working - buttons 2 and 3 are working as expected but not button 1.

What I did:

1. Copied the glow state of the icon from the layer onto the picture on the base slide - so I created the hover state with that glow icon.

2. Remove all the triggers to show layer xx when mouse hovered over as that glow now happens on the base slide.

3. Created a variable called audioComp and set it to false. 

4. Created a trigger : Adjust variable 'audioComp' to true when media completes (Audio 1 file).

5. Added triggers to the three icons : Jump to slide xx when user clicks icon 1 IF audioComp = true. I repeated this trigger for the three icons.

I have a client call now but will take another look at it soon...hope this is what you were after

Shel Holtz

That's fantastic, Wendy! Of course, I'm still having a problem!

I was able to get it work with the middle icon, but repeating the process EXACTLY on the other two icons (left and right), it doesn't work. Clicking them takes me straight to the linked slide without waiting for the audio to complete. I've attached the scene as a new .story file.

Wendy Farmer

Ok, the slide layers had triggers on the glow icons to jump to slides so I deleted those triggers on layers then re-copied the glow icons to the hover state on the base slide. 

To tidy things up I would delete those slide layers with the glow icons they are no longer needed.

It's working for me now - have attached updated story file and video of it working.  Let me know how you go.

Shel Holtz

That's PERFECT, Wendy; it worked!!

The reason I'm going nuts with this is that the client has changed the requirements, adding components that are outside my experience with Storyline. If they had been in the original spec, I would have either learned them upfront or passed on the project. 

Do you mind if I ask you one more question? (I have several, but I'll post them to the community.) Why doesn't the REPLAY button on the seekbar work?

By the way, if you have a website, I'd like to be able to refer some of my clients to you. I usually do strategic planning and communication audits. I undertook this because the client gives me a lot of work and wanted me to handle it. For most of this kind of work, I'd rather sub it out!


Wendy Farmer

Hi Shel

so glad it's working for you - always hard when the client requirements change mid stream.

From personal experience I can't say I have had a client report any issues with the replay button on the seekbar so I can't comment on that one - sorry.

I'm based in Australia Shel, normally US based clients like to work locally but here is my website link (work in progress when I get time to update it).

Thanks and good luck with your project!

Wendy Farmer

You could add a completed state to each of the icons so that when they return to the main slide the icon changes state to 'completed', then have the next button trigger set to jump to the next scene or quiz ON condition that state of icon A = completed AND state of icon B = completed and state of icon C = completed.

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