How to make passing quizzes mandatory in a course?

May 10, 2021


I'm currently creating my first Storyline 360 course and I need to set it up so that learners must complete all quizzes successfully before the activity is marked as completed. Right now, as is, people can skip all the quizzes and I'm trying to sort out how to change that. 

 (This question was originally much longer but I've since sorted out the other bits!) But this last one I've been searching for and just can't sort it out. 


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Daniel Halliwell

In the player, menu, press settings and you can change around the navigation from freeform to restricted and restrict the buttons. I think the 'next' button only appears at the end of the slide timeline. That will make a fairly rigid sequential course to ensure each slide viewed. There are other creative solutions if you want to use your own navigation buttons and have a 'home' screen of the section status in graphic format etc

Raelan Agle

Thanks Daniel, I appreciate the help. I was just in the process of adding a bunch of triggers to each slide according to this article.

But your solution was so much easier! I'm not sure why anyone would do it the other way. THANK YOU!

I'm not sure if it worked for the quizzes (checking now) but it solved my issue on the rest :)