How to make audio not repeat on repeat visit to slide?

This slide functions as the "home menu" in my course. Users can select each customer in any order, view that customer's module, and then they return to this home menu to select the next customer.

I have some basic introduction audio I'd like to play the first time users see this slide, but then not play it again on each subsequent visit. Any tips on how I could set that up?

Thanks in advance!

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Michael Gallagher

#1 - Put the audio on it's own layer.

#2 - create a trigger that shows Layer (Audio) when timeline starts.

#3 - set slide properties to "Resume Saved State"

The first time the screen runs it will load Layer(Audio) and play the audio. When you return to this screen, because you have the properties set to "Resume Saved State", it won't launch the audio layer again.