How to make button appear after lightbox is closed.

I fairly new to Storyline and have run into an issue.  I created a continue button and want it to appear at a specific time.  I have 2 hotspots on the slide, one over correct answer and one over incorrect answer.  When the user clicks the correct hotspot a lightbox slide appears with a brief video advising they chose the correct answer.  I want the continue button to appear after the lightbox slide is closed.  I tried creating a trigger to hide the button when timeline starts and a trigger to appear when hotspot 2 is clicked and I also tried using a variable to appear when the correct answer is chosen.  Each of these works when previewing the slide, but when previewing the scene and the lightbox slide plays, the continue button does not appear.  Any suggestions?

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David Jordan

If I understand correctly, you have a trigger as follows:

-When user clicks hotspot

-Show Lightbox


You can do this with 2 triggers:

Trigger 1

-When user clicks hotspot 

-Change state of button to (w/e it needs to be)

Trigger 2

-When user clicks hotspot

-Show lightbox.

The important thing here is to make sure the trigger for the button is listed before the trigger for the lightbox. If the lightbox triggers first, it will prevent the trigger for the button from executing. 

Leslie McKerchie

Glad you were able to get the assistance that you needed Raylene. Trigger order has probably gotten us all at one time or another.

For anyone following along:

Articulate Storyline lets you apply multiple triggers to the same object. You can also apply triggers to master slides and content slides. Here are the rules regarding the order in which all these triggers get executed when learners view your published course.