How to make handouts?

I'd like to make handouts from my Articulate Storyline presentations. How do I do this? I've thought of two approaches, but I'm stuck on both:

1. I have the print widget.  I could in theory print individual slides to file and then put them together. Problem: I can't get the print widget to show up in slides created from step-by-step screen capture videos.

2. Export to word. I tried this and the file I got was just all text with a wierd table and code. I think I might have accidentally done the "reference column" option, but when I tried to save again, I get an blank error (i.e. a ding sound like an error, but the error box that comes up is blank. No file is created).

Is there a way to make either of these two methods work? If not, is there another method I can use to create handouts?

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