how to make no chosen answers in second try the quiz (pick many)


I try to make the quiz (pick many)  with two attempts.  If a student made a mistake he sees layer Try again (done). Then when he returns to question (hide layer Try again)  there must be no chosen answers (like in first time).

I  changed state of objects to normal when a student clicks on the continue button on Try again layer, but then when I answer the question again the right answer does not work. All my answers are incorrect. When I delete "change state of objects to normal when a student clicks on continue button on Try again layer", all ok, but students saw his previous answer.

Sorry if my english is not very good. Help me please:)

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Sofia! Try setting your slide properties to "Reset to initial state" when revisiting, and then add a trigger to your Continue button to Jump to slide (that slide). It should reset the entire slide.

If that doesn't work, share your .story file here using the Add Attachment button in your reply. I'll be happy to have a look!