how to make press key trigger only work for particular object/text field/numeric entry

May 28, 2015


I have to change the state of object when user enters the value "1" in the numeric field, so I have state trigger for the same. But problem is that if when I am viewing that slide and if I press key "1" then state of object get changed. but I want it if user press key "1" in the text field/numeric filed only not for entire slide. 

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Deniz Aksoy

Hi Ravindra, 

I downloaded your file and tried to find another trigger. As Articulate creates a variable when you add an Entry box, you can use it. Press Key trigger does not check whereever the cursor is when you type "1". You can try Variable Changes trigger for Numeric Entry and add a condition as Numeric Entry is equal to (==) 1.

Hope that it solves your matter.

Ravindra Gardi

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for reply, but here my original issue is that if I press key "1" in the numeric field then only state of object should change, and I have added the trigger on Object. But problem is that on slide anywhere if I press key "1" the state of object is changing. I am not understanding why its not working only for number field instead of working for complete slide. Can you see it again and suggest something plz?

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