How to make stock "next" button invisible until after interaction

Oct 20, 2013

I want my students to watch the media I've inserted and to not be able to click on through.  I found a tutorial that is supposed to make the stock "next" button inactive until the media is done, but that's going to confuse my students, because if the "next" button doesn't work during the video, they are not necessarily going to assume it will work afterward (and there's no visual to clue them in).  I'm going to have too many of them just exit and send me an email about how the presentation is broken.  How can I make the stock next button not even show up until after the media is completed?

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Louise Greenhoff

You can create your own Next button and can change the state of it to Hidden or Disabled until the Media completes using triggers.

I dont think you can use the standard player buttons in the same way for this.

There is a tutorial here on this:

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Oh, P.S. I haven't had a chance to watch the tutorial and need to "run" at the moment, so not sure if this is included: but are you aware that you can set up a prompt to explain to Learners that the disabled "stock" next button will be available after they've finished watching the tutorial? If not, and you'd like to know how to do that, please shout out. It's pretty quick and either I or others in the community can provide an example for you.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Susan,

The attached file, with a VERY bad and jerky video of our dog when he was a puppy, prompts the user via a layer, by using a variable.


T/F variable I called VideoComplete; default is false

Prompt layer

New layer I called please watch.

The properties of this layer are set to "hide other slide layers" and "Pause timeline of base layer"

There's a black rectangle with 20% transparency on the slide.

There's a text box to warn Learners.

There's an OK button with a trigger to close the layer.

Base Layer / Video Layer

Object Trigger adjusts the VideoComplete T/F variable = to True when the media (the inserted video) is complete

Player triggers:

Jump to next slide has been modified to include the condition if the VideoComplete variable=True

An additional trigger has been added to show the Please watch layer when Learners click next if the VideComplete variable is not = True

This is really bare bones (and bad video to boot!), but it does the trick. Still, there are a lot of steps, so please shout out with any questions.

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