How to make the MP4 video show full screen in Storyline

Aug 15, 2013

I inserted a MP4 video in to Storyline. The size outside Storyline is 720x480. After inserting in Storyline, the size is now 639x480. I don't know why the size changes.

I tried to change the settings in the options tab, but it didn't help.

I want to make the MP4 show in a way as a full screen mode. Is there a way to make this happen?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Zhenyu,

Within the slide view as you have it, there isn't a true "full screen" mode. You could continue to stretch it like an image, textbox, etc. until it takes up as much screen real estate as possible. Another option, is if you're able to insert it as a Web Object (for example from YouTube), you can set it to open in a different browser window (for example, a new tab within Google Chrome, or Firefox). That would allow you to us the normal video controls, which often include full screen viewing. 

When I insert a standard video just as you have shown, the largest size I can make it is 720x446

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Zhenyu,

I'll leave it to the community to offer suggestions on creating it as "full screen" as possible within Storyline, as we don't have a feature that would do so. You can always submit that as a request though. 

As far as another web object, it's all about where you would be able to upload the video and host it. You can change settings on videos you load to YouTube to make it unlisted - if you set it as unlisted, it won't appear in any YouTube searches as described here, but only accessible with the link. This would make it so you could insert it into your course and be able to use all the normal YouTube features. 

Duane Knudsen

Nhenyu, I believe you could set your story size to 800x600 and perhaps get closer to the overall 720x480 original video size on playback (Design --> Story Size --> Custom). With player controls and especially an outline included in the player you'll see some pixels lost from the original Story size. If you set your story size larger than that you might get closer to fullscreen but you'll also see some image distortion. When you publish it you can set it to launch in a new player window with no browser controls, at least that way you could have some control over how big it appears on user screens.

Not sure if these tips help. You might also see this.

There is also good info here regarding resolution, etc. that could apply to stillshots, video, and screen & project size. I just found those two links this morning and I believe that info will help me quite a bit going forward.


Duane Knudsen


For clarification, can you state what exactly happens with a recorded video that is published in the player? For example, if I record a screen using 1024x768, set the Story size as the same and then import the video, will the output of the video itself be displayed at 1024x768? With the player controls & border adding extra pixels to that overall? Or do the player & controls actually force the video to reduce in size slightly to accommodate the added pixels so the entire player is framed at 1024x768?


What I’ve noticed is that even the slightest change in size of a software application recording distorts the quality quite a bit (see info on image scaling here, and it seems exaggerated with video recording).

@Zhenyu (sorry I misspelled your name before!):

I sized a Story to 1024x768, imported an MP4 video of the same size to it, and at least within the project file it showed that the properties of the video on the slide all matched up perfectly. I’m not sure what happened when you imported yours, you might try a different one and see what you get. In addition, when you publish the project you can set the browser to fill the screen and launch in a new window without any controls (perhaps as close to full screen as you'll get). BUT, you may also see poor image quality with the resizing as well.

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