How to make the objects on layers remember their previous states?

I am trying to make something like this example:

I have created layers for each of the objects in the fridge, and it works well as far as recognizing the correct and incorrect items and giving feedback, however, with every click on new objects it resets their previous state. Therefore, they do not remain out of the fridge together (i.e. at each time there is only one item outside, and with clicking on the next item, the other item returns to the fridge).

I have tried setting the properties of all layers to When Revisiting: "Resume to Saved State", but it did not help. I also would like to have a counter like the one that the above example has, I would appreciate any help/suggestions.

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Helen Tyson

Phil's suggstion that the slide is only displaying one layer at a time makes sense, however if I remember correctly this was built purely with States rather than layers - I'm sure Jeannette can confirm..

One thing to remember is that when you are working with States you don't need to leave things in the same place - a 'Selected' state (or any of the others)can place the object anywhere on the slide.

Edelweiss Storyline

Thank youall for your answers.They are very helpful, especially Sinchu's example which gave anidea about how the counter workstoo.So I am going to try to make it withbutton states this time(However, I am still interested to knowif it can be done with layers too, cause Iset the layers to no hide all other layers but it did not change anything).