How to Make Triggers Mandatory before moving to next slide?

Jul 27, 2016


I am creating a eLearning module in Storyline with layered interactions on several slides.  The group that I'm creating it for is concerned that people will skip the information in the layers and go to the next slide.  I can't find a way to make a trigger mandatory before being able to move on.  I also don't want to make all triggers on the slide mandatory.

This is not a question slide, just a regular slide with interactions. 

I'm hoping someone can help.  :)



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Melanie!

Thanks again for sharing.

I do not know what your criteria would be, but I know you mentioned that not all of the layers would be required/mandatory.

Here's what I did. 

Added a trigger to make the Next button hidden when the timeline starts.

Added a variable to count layers and added a trigger to implement the count by 1 on each layer.

I then added a trigger on the base layer to change the state of the next button back to normal when the launchtype variable is equal to or greater than 2 - I figured 2 out of 4 was a good balance :)

Just wanted to show you what was available as an example. You can build the actual requirements in.

Oh, and I also adjusted your slide layers to pause the timeline of the base layer so that the audio would not overlap.

Your updated file is attached.

Melanie Chin

Thank you!  I did some more research while I was waiting for a response and found a way to disable the Next button with variables, but the button still shows.  It just doesn't take you anywhere if you click it.  Your solution is better because the button disappears completely until the actions are completed. 

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