How to markers revert to their original states

Jan 23, 2018

Dear Community,

After a meeting with my stakeholders, they are having new criteria for slide with 7 audio markers. This new criteria is having me scratch my head and I am hoping you all can help. 

The new criteria is a stands:

  1.  One point per marker the student listens to.
  2. The student must listen to the FULL audio in the marker before they can click another maker. 
  3.  They can listen to a many markers they want on the slide. It their choice if they want to listen to them all and receive full points. 
  4.  They must listen to the Doctor's tip in order to advance to the next slide. 

Previously, I was just concerned that the audios in each marker did not overlap if the students went joyfully and quickly through the exam. (Slide 1.1)  Now, they want to ensure that if the students chooses to click on that marker the full audio is heard. 

The problem I have is I can easily disable the marker when another one is playing. (Slide 2.1) I am doing this by changing the state of the marker when one marker's audio is playing. 

However, when the audio is complete, to turn the marker back on I am choosing the state normal. If the student has already visited that marker, how do I have it revert to the visited state? They only receive points at the end when the states are visited. 

Hope this makes sense. Thanks for any input. 

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