how to mask critical content in Video Simulation .

Hi Everyone , 

Please suggest some of the ways to mask or Hide some critical information without using PAUSE in video simulation .Suppose i want to make Video SOP and their is some critical information like bank details or password and i want to hide it in final Simulation (try mode) is their any way to hide that kind of critical information .

Suggestions are appreciated . 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sahil,

Great question and one I was discussing with a colleague recently. First off, sometimes typing in passwords or other sensitive information you'll see that the view immediately translates it to an all ******* style entry on the screen (the E-Learning Heroes does this when you enter your password) so you're screen recording will capture that to show a user, but within Try mode you'd need to modify the trigger as whatever the author/recording captured as the key presses will be included as a part of the trigger for that try step by step mode.

If you're looking at covering items up, you could look at inserting shapes or images over the top while you're editing the slides. Also, this was made for SL1, but corresponds with that suggestion.

Hope that helps!