How to merge Captivate SImulation slides in Articulate Storyline course?

Hello Everyone,

Am new to Articulate storyline, my current project I have recorded few simulation slides on captivate. I now need to merge them with my articulate storyline course, any idea how do I accomplish that?

One way that I am currently doing is that I have converted the captivate slides as video and inserted the video in my storyline file. Please suggest. Thanks in advance for any support on this.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kavita,

The only method that we recommend is to embed Adobe Captivate content in your Articulate Storyline courses:

Tip: Captivate's Flash output won't work on devices that don't support Flash, like iPads and iPhones.

Hopefully if you need something different others in the community have recommendations for merging those!