How to navigate step by step in articulate stroylin?????


I want to have a pretest,content and a post test in my e-learning content in articulate storyline.How can design the course that first user answers the pretest while the content and post test are disabled, and after answering pretest user can study content and so on post test?

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Kris S.

Hi guys,

I have the same question. I would like my students to be able to take a pretest. If they pass the pretest, they can continue with the course but they don't have to. I would like the results page of the pre-test to send a passed status to the LMS. If they fail the pre-test, they must take the course and the final exam.

Right now my course is one scene. I thought the tests could either be separate scenes in the same story or they could be separate stories, but if they're separate stories I don't know how my LMS would mark the course passed.

Any help is appreciated.

Charles Zoffuto

Then in this case the simplest design would be have the learners start off with the quiz (starting scene), then if they failed, direct them to the content and at the end direct them back to the scene with the quiz to retake the quiz.

As for the two different quizzes, that will take a little more thought. I think I know the answer but I will need to test it out first.

Charles Zoffuto


I have a solution. The problem is that Storyline will only record the results of one quiz, either the pre-quiz or the final-quiz or both using a third results slide. It will not record either one or the other based on which they pass. So here is how I solved it...