How to navigate user to next button


Let me get right to the point.  I have no idea how to navigate my users the next button after they have selected all the hotspots in a slide. 

Here is some background information:

  1. Character appears to introduce herself to learner
  2. She gives the learner simple instructions on what to do next
  3. The learner has to click on 3 hotspots to read more information about an item
  4. After the learner clicks on all 3 items, I would like the character to appear and give further instructions
  5. This is where I am stuck!

I have tired several triggers thinking the character would appear back on the slide once the learner has clicked all the hot spots, however hotspots don't have states.   Then I created states for the images, but the states didn't work because of the hotspots (I suppose).  I also created another slide layer thinking possibly I could create a condition for when the learner clicks images 1,2,3, show layer Navigation, but to no avail.

I've reviewed several tutorial and other forums trying to find away to get this to work, but once again I hit a dead end.

Here is the link to one of the tutorials I reviewed: //

I hope some of that makes sense and if not, I attached a copy of the .story file.

Any and all assistance is appreciated.

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Michael Hinze

One option is to turn the hotspots into transparent buttons and then use the visited state of these buttons to set a variable. When all three buttons are in visited state, the variable is set to True. Only if this variable is True will the Navigation layer be shown. See attached a revised file.