How to not have one huge column of slides

Feb 18, 2013

I have 6 or 7 scenes in the current thing I am making. When I link the last slide of each scene to the next scene (or slide), Storyline moves the scene underneath the first one in Story view. My problem is I now have to scroll up and down in storyview through 110 slides. I would prefer Storyview kept the scenes side by side, left to right, like they were before they were linked. Any way to do this?


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Brian Nalley

This is a big bummer. Having to scroll up and down through a 100 slides is not how I picture a storyboard-type view working. I dont get why the last slide in a scene, when just set to "NEXT SLIDE" (which leaves the next scene to the right of the current scene, rather than below it) would not work. But it doesn't--I have to actually select the next scene or the first slide in the next scene. Which means that instead of a really nice, easy to use view of all my scenes left to right, I have one super long project with 100 slides that I have to keep scrolling up and down through to find things. So there is no way to have one scene play after another and have them stay side by side in Storyview?  :(

Peter Anderson

Hi Brian!

Enhanced storyboarding-like functionality would be a nice feature request. It may not be helpful for your scenario, but I wanted to at least point out the collapse / expand feature in Story View. That might help reduce some of the load on your scrolling finger

You can also collapse or expand all your scenes at the same time by right-clicking in the Story View workspace and choosing Collapse all scenes or Expand all scenes.

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