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Wendy Farmer

Hi Nate

Hard to say without seeing your file. How do you have your reporting and tracking options set up when publishing.  Maybe you could decrease the number of slides that need to be viewed? Also make sure you have the correct LMS reporting status selected. You could try uploading to Scormcloud to test

Jason Reed

Hi Nate,

Wendy's solution is a good one and should work.

The other way I've gotten around this in the past is to set up a fake quiz and results slide. You just need a quiz slide that the user only visits for a second and is set to jump straight to the next slide and pass them (they won't even see it). Then you can have a results slide as your reference for completing the course and use the "Track using quiz result" option.

You can build this in at the end of the course so that the learner still needs to go through the rest of the content to reach that point.

Good luck!