How to number questions from a question bank?

Apr 16, 2015

Hi All,

I have a standard series of questions I have compiled into a question bank for an assessment.  The test draws 10 random questions from a question bank of 25 questions.

What I would like to do is be able to show the user the question number (1/10, 2/10, etc).



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Parashuram Vhaval

Hello Thomas,

To add question counter in question bank. Follow steps below:

  1. Create number variable with default value 0, for example, QuestionCounter.
  2. Go to master slide of question layout.
  3. Add trigger to adjust QuestionCounter by adding value 1 when user clicks next button.
  4. Add trigger to adjust QuestionCounter by adding value 1 when timeline starts.
  5. Add another trigger to subtract value 1 when user clicks prev. button.
  6. If you have result slide then don't forget to reset value of QuestionCounter to 1 when clicking review or restart assessment.

Let me know if you still have any trouble.

Gemma Greenwood

Hi there,

I'm trying to do the same and I followed your instructions but for some reason it keeps adding 1 each time something is clicked. I do have it set so that it shows the feedback (correct or incorrect) and when they click on that it adds up another 1 to the count? Any idea how I can get it to not add this? 



Christie Pollick

Hi, Gemma -- Thanks for reaching out here, and as this thread is a bit dated, some of the participants may no longer be subscribed. If you'd like to reach an individual directly, you are welcome to use the 'Contact Me' link on their profile page.

Or, you could also take a look at the discussion over here for some additional ideas you can try, and it never hurts to share your file if you'd like additional feedback.  

Gemma Greenwood

Oh yeah definitely.

Here is the file:

Please note that my triggers are in the slide master.

I created a Variable - as indicated above.

Then added trigger to adjust QuestionCounter by adding value 1 when timeline starts.

Then I added another trigger in the results page that set QuestionCounter equal to 0 when timeline starts to reset the counter should they retry the quiz

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Maddy,

This is where the counter gets a bit complicated... 

What you have set up is to add to the variable when the timeline starts and add to it again when the user clicks next - so in essence, going from slide 1 to 2, would actually raise the count to three instead of two. 

Similarly clicking the previous button would subtract one, but the timeline is going to start again on a revisit and add one again. Cancelling each other out. 

Gemma's example didn't account for using the previous/next buttons without resetting the count and even then you can easily recreate the problem. What about instead adding to the count variable when the user clicks submit? That way it's only adjusted when the user has clicked submit the first time around - and the previous button could still subtract from it. You'd need to set the initial value of the variable to 1 to account for the first question and set the prev button on the results slide to also subtract one (which I don't see set up right now). 

You can see why adding a counter to a question bank has a few different methods - as it'll depend on what else you're going to add! So a few ideas to play around with. 

Stephanie Curry

I'm having a similar issue as you. It seems that the previous button only wants to do one of the things it's asked to do, instead of all of them. I can get the previous button to increment the number OR actually work as a previous button. Which ever one is last in the action panel is the only one that works.

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