How to package video MP4 files to be SCORM compliant?

I have a large number of videos to package SCORM compliant. I did ask this question online but have received no response yet. Our LMS is Cornerstone and I am using Storyline 360. I have 3 criteria that this course should have after publishing. It needs to pass CSOD Pilot. It must save progress so the user can go back and start where they left off. The Exit button must close the course.
So far the file I packaged passed CSOD Pilot. In IE 11 the exit button works. But when the user leaves and returns to the video it begins at the beginning not where they left off. Also after it is published it gives a completion after viewing for only 1 minute. In Reporting and Tracking, I had set it to Passed/Incomplete. I have set it to Completed/Failed.

If you can help solve this you will be a true hero. Thank you.

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LaVon Bowman

Thank you, Tracy. I did already have that setting. But, I found another setting that I had never seen before. It lets you enter hours, minutes, and seconds. Since the course is one slide with a video on that slide timing may be the answer for indication of when the course acknowledges a completion. So I entered in a time that was approximately 90% of the video timing. I do not know yet if this works. I will post the success or failure as soon as I find out.

Thank you for providing me with some input. I really appreciate your taking the time and effort on my behalf.


LaVon Bowman

Everything worked except it does not save progress. Now I am attempting a workaround. Here is what I have so far but the button layer on the first slide does not show. I most likely have a setting that is not checked or need to add. I have tried everything else.

Thank you,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi LaVon,

Your trigger to show the layer is on the layer itself,  not on the base layer. So that would explain why you're not seeing that button layer. 

Since you mentioned needing to track the videos completion, I did want to clarify that you'll upload that SCORM file generated from Review to your  Learning Management System (LMS), not place it within Storyline. The Storyline completion/tracking settings you apply in the .story file will apply to the course as a whole and won't keep the settings you used in the Review export. 

I did move that button and uploaded a copy of the course to SCORM Cloud here. You'll see that you are able to resume/exit as you needed, and even upon exiting I can return to the course and the video picks up where it left off. The tracking is based on the Storyline course though - so you'll see once you go to that resume/exit slide it's marked complete. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi LaVon,

In Articulate 360, you can export a video to LMS by following these steps:

  • Click the three dots [...] icon within the video tile.
  • Select Export to LMS.
  • Choose the SCORM standard, and click Export.

You can also export a Storyline 360 course to LMS. Here's how:

  • Click Publish from the Home tab.
  • Click LMS.
  • Select the SCORM standard, and click Publish. 

cristian tomaszewski
Crystal Horn

Hi there, Cristian!  I can't move this reply to the Cornerstone discussion that you linked, but feel free to copy your question there if you think it would be helpful.

Whether your course is in Cornerstone or any other LMS, I would hope to see the CC button consistently when you launch the course.  I'm happy to compare how your course behaves in other LMS environments if you would like to share your .story file.  Simply add it as an attachment to your reply here in the discussion.


Seth Merriam

Hi, I hope its alright to do this here... I asked a related question in the review forum: 

I looked in the code that is exported from review, and the videojs player supports closed caption files I just need to know how to write something in the code to take advantage of that... either as object attributes or as a hardcoded line... any help is greatly appreciated!