How to pass quiz results to LMS only when the user passes a quiz

Sep 16, 2021

I have a scenario where the client only wants the user's score passed if they complete and pass a quiz. If the user exits early, even if they have answered the passing percentage correct they want the LMS to still show the user's records as "Not Evaluated" (as opposed to incomplete).

I'm using a quiz bank and on my results page I'm using a trigger Complete course as Completed/Passed only if the Results.ScorePoints is great or equal to Results.PassPoints.

My problem now is that it's passing the complete to the LMS but they'd like to see the user's percentage score and mastery score as well which isn't passing. 

Currently publishing as Report status to LMS as Passed/Incomplete.

Have to use SCORM 1.2. 

Thanks for any advice!

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Becca Levan

Hi Mike! Welcome to E-Learning Heroes ⭐️

While it can vary by LMS, I'd say you're on the right track with using the Passed/Incomplete reporting options for what you're client is wanting.

My pal Christie shares one scenario on when to use this here:

  • Passed/Incomplete: We use this for scored content where we want the user to be left in progress if they do not achieve the minimum passing score. If the user achieves the minimum passing score, they are marked as completed/passed with score; if not they remain in progress, and no score is passed to SumTotal, allowing them to try again.

Testing this out in SCORM Cloud is a great way to see if this option is the right fit! If you need more guidance, reach out to us here, and we'd be happy to answer more questions!

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