How to pause audio in drop down quiz

Dec 24, 2013


I have designed a drop down (not customized, taken from the quizmaker) quiz in storyline. Can you please guide me how to pause/stop audio when a learner clicks any of the drop downs. The quiz has submit button, correct and incorrect feedback.

Please help.

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Shivani Singh

Hi Prakash,

Thanks for your reply.

I am able to control audio when learner clicks Submit. However, my query is:

The slide has a drop down checkpoint (from quizmaker) and its instruction in audio plays as soon as slide comes up. How to pause/stop that instruction audio as soon as learner clicks the drop down. Please help.

Randy Richardson

Shivani Singh said:

Sure Prakash. Please let me know the URL where I can privately share that particular slide with you.

Thanks Randy. However, my requirement is not to pause the audio as soon as slide comes up (means timeline starts). It is to pause the audio when learner clicks the drop down. Hope this helps!

For the Object in the trigger- set the object as your quiz.  so when the timeline starts of the quiz, it should pause the audio on the slide.  I think that should do what you want.
Randy Richardson

thanks for the sample.  i tried the obivious first- pause media when user clicks dropdown either drop down.  that "should have" worked but didn't.

then i tried this:   i used an Object Trigger Interaction Labeled Drop Down 1   Pause Media Sound 1 When the User hover the mouse over.  it paused the media as soon as i hovered over the area where the quiz.

the third thing i tried was adding a True/false variable set to false.   on click of either combo box matching i set the trigger to change the variable from false to true.    in the slide trigger i then setup a pause media Sound 1 when variable changes.  that would pause the media when the user click on either drop down.    i thought this was going to be easy.  i've uploaded the third attempt.  i think this does what you wanted. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Randy,

Thanks for working up an example for Shivani. 

The other piece you'll want to look at Shivani, is if you'd like the audio to start again once they've clicked on both of the drop downs. You could do this by tracking the variables that Randy has included, or use the method where the music is paused when the mouse hovered over the drop down sections. 

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