How to prevent advancing without text boxes filled in


I am working on this interaction about unconscious bias. The learner needs to fill in the text boxes on the bottom of the screen, then click next. Later in the course, the same screen appears but with their entries populated in the boxes. For the first slide, I would like to prevent the user from advancing if any of the text boxes are still blank. 

Do I have to set variables for everyone of these text boxes, make triggers to change the variable then have yet another variable that only adjusts when all those variables are adjusted? It's the only way I can think to do it. Is there an easier way that I am not seeing. 

Really hoping I am going to have a "duh" moment here and one of you is going to point out something completely obvious that I am overlooking. 

I attached screenshots of the slide and triggers. 

Any suggestions?


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Dave Cox

Hi Holly,

Each text box sets a variable Usually that variable begins as "Blank" 

What you can do to make this work is:

  • Set the default state of your next button to disabled. 
  • Add a trigger, that changes the state of the next button to normal, which will enable that button. The trigger should tigger when the variable changes. You will need a trigger for each text variable that may change.
  • Make the trigger conditional on each text variable set to not-equal to blank. You will want to add these conditions on all triggers that you create, but you can create the first trigger on the first variable, and the duplicate the trigger and update which variable triggers it.

This will prevent the user from leaving the slide until they enter something in each text box.