How to prevent another question draw slide from appearing before the Results slide appears?

Jun 15, 2018

I've got an exam that draws 40 questions from 4 question banks, then goes to a result slide. It's a minor issue: when the user clicks Submit for the last question, another question slide appears before the Results slide is generated. It only lasts half a second, but it looks amateurish. :-)

I'm using variables in the slide titles: Exam %QuestionNumber% of %TotalQuestions%. When the user clicks Submit, QuestionNumber increases by 1. In the Triggers panel, I have it occur before the "submit interaction" trigger. Otherwise, the Question Number won't change. Here's a screenshot.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, R. Eric.  We definitely don't want you looking amateurish.  Do you have feedback enabled for your quiz slides?  Also, how are you draw slides set up?  Do you have 4 of them with 10 questions each, or do you make an individual draw slide for each question?

If you can attach your .story file, or explain a little more about your setup, I'm happy to test this behavior out!

R. Eric Smith

At the time I posted that, I had 10 draws from a 40-question bank. These are graded exams with no feedbacks. I found out later that SL doesn't prevent repeat draws, so I reorganized it into 10 banks of 4 questions with 1 draw from each. Since there's no additional draws, the issue doesn't come up. 

Unfortunately, I can't attach the story file due to NDAs, which is why I blurred parts of the screenshot. I think for now, the problem is solved, provided the client agrees to my setup.

Just in case, do you think I could change the QuestionNumber trigger to "when the timeline starts" instead of "when user clicks Submit button"?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Eric!

I completely understand about you not being able to share your file publicly. If you do decide you'd like more eyes on this, you can always submit your file to us privately by clicking here. 

Also, I do think changing the QuestionNumber trigger to "when the timeline starts" instead of "when user clicks Submit button" is a good idea. Have you had a chance to test it yet? If so, how did it work?

R. Eric Smith

Thanks, but this project has gotten way past the issue I posted about. Turns out the client wanted 40 questions from 1 question bank, and another 40 questions from another bank if the user fails the first exam. I've been busy trying to assemble the course + exam, which was a lot more content than I realized, and I've been getting crashes while doing imports. DOH! 

I finally have the first course assembled, but haven't tested to see if the issue comes up for the last exam slide yet. Will come back here if it does. 

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