How to Protect Storyline Content

Can Articulate Storyline work for our subscription business???

We operate a subscription site. We understand that Storyline  produces online content in Flash and HTML5 online viewing formats. We don't want the embedded MP4 videos or SWF envelopes to be retrievable from browser cache, screen capture, or direct download using any one of a number of tools designed to snag online video and video streams. We'd presume that since Articulate understands that valuable content is being created using its tools, that a way to protect that online content would also be provided.  This doesn't appear to be the case as far as we've been able to discover. The content being produced using Articulate Storyline doesn't appear to have any way provided by Storyline to be protected using any of Articulate's tools.  The bottom line is that we don't want paying subscribers to any content being produced by Storyline (or any other authoring app we may choose) to retain or share paid content for offline access during or after their paid subscription period. We're evaluating Storyline but none of the tutorials, descriptions, or documentation we've found so far addresses this critical concern.

Would Articulate Storyline provide a native solution for this problem?

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Phil Mayor

What ever solution you have there will be a way round it, most screen recording software will capture anything.  How do you stop me recording it with my phone camera?

You can do some stuff server side to do this, but the simple truth is that fr it to ply on a computer it needs to be downloaded to that computer.  I am not sure any of the elearning tools provides protection of content in this way.

You can put in a feature request if you want.