How to provide learning objective feedback at end of quiz

I would like to create a quiz that provides feedback at the end of quiz if they don't pass.  The feedback would be based on the quiz questions they get wrong to determine the learning objectives they need to study before taking quiz again.  Each question would need to be tied to a learning objective.

I would also like to use a Question Banks to take advantage of random question draw.  


Learning Objectives 1-3,  each objective has 3 questions.

User takes quiz and misses 2 questions in objective 1.  I want to provide feedback letting the user know they did not pass and to study objective 1 before taking the quiz again. 

I currently have Storyline 1.   If it can't be done in Storyline 1, could I do it in 360?   

Thanks for any feedback!

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Danielle Dale

Hi Linda, 

You can do this using variables, triggers, and states. I would use a number variable starting at 0 and add +1 to it if the learner gets a question right. Then on the results slide, you can have a conditional trigger to show which Learning Objectives to review. This should all be available in Storyline 1.


  1. Create variables (x): Obj1 =0, Obj2=0, Obj3=0
  2. On the Correct layer of each question, create a trigger: Adjust variable 'Obj1', add value 1 when timeline starts on Correct layer. (In the question bank for the second objective, adjust variable 'Obj2' instead). 
  3. On the Results Slide, create an object (text or shape) for each objective with different states to indicate pass/fail. Then, create a trigger to for each object: Change state of 'object' to 'fail' when timeline starts on Results Slide on Condition Variable != '3'. 

Hope that helps!