How to publish?

Hi all,

We have several Windows PC XP, Vista,  and 7. Some iMacs and tablets Android and iPads.

We have different browsers. IE 7 - 10,  Chrome 21 and up, Firefox 22 and  up and Safari 5 and up.

In the modules I have basic questions slides and  text. no drag and drop. I use some hovers and hotspots. I have a simple animation (no interaction) which I can publish into AVI  or MP4. Further I use interactive screen recordings. No audio.

What is the best way to publish?  No SCORM. Such the basic Web or do I need HMTL5. 

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Michael Hinze

Comparing your list of operating systems and browsers with Storyline's system requirements for viewing, I suggest you publish for Web (that would take care of Flash-browsers) and check the HTML5 option (that MIGHT cover Android tablets) and check the 'Use Articulate Mobile Player for iPad' option (this will take care of the iPad users, UNLESS you don't want users having to download the Player app).

Michael Hinze

Peter Faulhaber said:


Tbanls for the answer.  So I skip Android publish to WEB is sufficient.  Correct? 

By the way when just I use html5?

Hi Peter, I'm not sure what you mean by 'skip Android publish'. Android is not officially supported yet with Storyline's HTML5 output (that's why I said it MIGHT work). But some Android devices' browsers have a Flash player (so the Flash version might work) installed and most support HTML5 (so the HTML5 version might work).