How to publish an AUDIO only pod-cast for mobile devices

Jun 06, 2013


I recently developed training for my company and we would like it published it in different formats. One request has been for an AUDIO ONLY pod-cast which can be played on mobile devices. Is that possible?



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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to the community, Kristine!

It really depends on whether or not you're going to need to use one piece of audio, or multiple audio files/recordings from the course. 

When you right-click a speaker icon (audio track) in Storyline, there's an option to Export Sound. This allows you to save a copy of the audio track as a WAV or MP3 file (or both).

Although the Export Sound option is available when you select multiple speaker icons at the same time, it'll only export the audio track that you actually right-click.

There is not currently a way to export multiple audio tracks at the same time from Storyline. If you'd like to suggest this feature, please submit a feature request to our product development team.

There is a workaround, though, if you need multiple audio files. You could publish the Storyline course using the CD option. This basically creates a folder that holds all of your course files. Look for the story content folder and there you will find all your audio narration files. This way you will have access to all of the audio files. Now, you could record those audio files and create one collected audio file using a third party program, if you have access to one.

Just some thoughts I wanted to share. I haven't used these file types for a pod-cast, so you'd need to know what formats you can use and how/where you can host them.

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