how to publish each slide separately in articulate storyline? or browser navigation

May 18, 2015

Issue is that our client wants to course without the storyline PRV-NEXT. They want to add it their own navigation using browser coding.  So now I need to give them each slide separately.  Suppose I have 50 Slides project. Now I need to publish 50 files separately. Is there any way to do separate 50 packages by using only once publish the complete file? 

or IS there any way to navigate the storyline course without storyline navigation buttons?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Ravindra

you could look into the frame.xml file located in the Storyline output published folder > story_content.  I know we sometimes edit that file when we want to remove the Next/Prev buttons from the quiz review slides...BUT, I don't know any more to help you with your specific issue AND Articulate don't support the changes to that file.  Good luck

Lauren Connelly

Hello kevin!

I'm happy to help! It sounds like you're looking to export each question from the Storyline 360 project. Is that correct?

Have you tried importing just the question slides into a new Storyline 360 project? After, you can publish the project for Review 360 and use the Storyline block in Rise 360.

Please let me know if this will work for what you have in mind!