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Russell Still

I've experimented with both SL's screen recorder and Camtasia. SL's screen recorder seems (maybe) to produce sharper output, but that's the good side. The bad side is that animations involving motion or fades get really jerky. For me, too jerky to be acceptable. I'm hoping the A-team will provide some way to get smooth video output from SL soon. If you're in the open marketplace selling training products, YouTube simply cannot be ignored. The SL screen recorder isn't quite up to the task yet.


Subu Mv

If we use the screen recording option to record the published output as suggested by some people above and save it MP4, it eliminates the user interactions included in the lessons when recorded and played as MP4.

Assistance in this regard will be much appreciated.

Our requirement : 

We want to promote the E-learning lessons we develop using storyline 2 on our local websites. We would like to enable our learners to download these lessons on their phones/tablets and watch it anywhere and at anytime. But we also do not want to compel our users to download the Articulate Mobile Player on their devices.

We would like to publish our modules in any of the following formats like mp4, rmvb, flv etc.  

Stephanie Plymel

Thanks Ashley! I just submitted a request for publishing in mp4 format. We need to publish short software tutorial videos for our employees to access as needed. Our LMS only supports previewing content for admin security roles and we use Google Drive for file sharing/storage which doesn't support SCORM. We have four SL2 licenses but considering switching to Camtasia if publishing to mp4 isn't on the SL development roadmap... Can you confirm if it's being considered?? 

How/where does Articulate communicate product developments before they're deployed? Transparency with customers on product development goals/initiatives is directly correlated to customer retention and can be accomplished while mitigating the risk of over-committing on the deliverables. 

Richard Maloney

I'm sorry to have to admit that I'm out of practice with this, Steve. With
my current employer, all I do is forward the entire published folder to
another department and THEY upload it for viewing on the gov't website.
1. Once published, how do I open it in a browser?
... I guess that's it: one question. But it's a doozy for me!

Thank you again!

Trevor W

While we don't need interactivity all of the time (e.g. quizzes), we do need audio and we already incorporate the Audio Editor in Presenter for the purposes of syncing our slides with our audio. We don't want to have to create an entirely separate workflow when 95% of the most labor intensive work is already done.

Walt Hamilton

I may have missed the part where you asked for one development tool. I thought you were asking for a single point one-file end result that can be posted on Youtube, etc. That's why I suggested PP - export to a single mp4.

My point to Russ, and I think you feel this way too, is that by using a variety of tools, we can take advantage of their relative strengths.