How to publish Storyline output to Dropbox or Google Sites


I have tried to publish Stroyline output to Dropbox and Google Sites without success. The option to publish to Public folder is no longer available in Dropbox. I need to make sample courses available to clients to view via Dropbox/Google Sites or something similar. What are the best options for showcasing sample content?



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steven saxe

anyone know ... can you use the cloud provider "Box" (not Drop Box) for playing a web-based storyline file?

i created on (see below) via Box but it is not running correctly. this is a link to the story.html file. is it possible that Box does not have a “web hosting” feature or maybe I just don’t have it turned on correctly?

steven saxe
Jamie Billingham

That is the most awesome, coolest, most useful thing ever!

in addition to tempshare (which is great), i have also been using scorm cloud ( for free for a few years. one advantage over tempshare is that you can leave a course(s) there for an extended amount of time.

Mike Enders

Hi Liz,

DropBox has changed a bit over the past few years. If you had an account prior to October 4, 2012 you automatically have a Public Folder. However, if your account was established after that date, you'll need to have a PRO or Business account to utilize DropBox for sharing your courses. So if you're a newer user (non pro or business) and you load your course to DropBox and then create a link to, say, the story.html won't work. It'll simply try to download that .html file.

Personally, I'd recommend utilizing Amazon S3 to serve up your course content. I've found that it serves up course content much faster than DropBox. S3 does require a little bit more technical skill, but once you get it set up, it's a wonderful solution!

I hope this helps,


Paul Venderley

Follow-up question:

I just received an email from Dropbox saying:

"We’re writing to let you know that we’ll be discontinuing the ability to render HTML content in-browser via shared links or Public Folder. If you're using Dropbox shared links to host HTML files for a website, the content will no longer display in-browser."

Does this mean that our ability to use Dropbox to publish eLearning modules will be going away (as of Oct 3, they said)?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paul, We heard similar this AM as well - and updated some documentation here. After pushing that out, we've also heard varying information from other team members about the timeline of this rollout, but it sounds like starting in October certain users won't be able to utilize Dropbox to host content. That article I linked too above has another recommendation though!