How to pull questions from categories?

May 18, 2018

Hi Team,

I am working an assessment where I need two features.

1.      Question pool/bank of 50 odd questions out of which 40 needs to be pulled out (this one I can do with the Question bank feature).

2.      There are questions from 8 categories. And we need 5 questions from each of these categories to be pulled in while the learners are taking the assessment. How do I make this happen?

Thanks in advance!

Ishita Dutta

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ishita,

It sounds like if you made 8 question banks that covered each of your categories, you could insert a slide draw for each of those and set it to pull 5 randomly to reach your total of 40 questions. So in your course, it'll appear like 8 individual slide draws and those will pull 5 questions each. All of those can be tracked by one results slide too. 

Let me know if I'm misunderstanding, or you need more info! 

Crystal Horn

Hi Ishita!  Yes, you can create 8 question banks (one for each topic), and to get 40 questions total, add 8 question draw slides.  On each of the question draw slides, you'll choose to draw 5 questions.  That way, you'll have 5 questions represented for each of your 8 topics, making 40.

Here's how to create and manage your question banks.  Since you'd like to pull your questions randomly, I'd recommend adding more than 5 questions to each bank for variety!

Once you have your banks created, you'll begin adding question draws.  Here's what that will look like:

And once you're done adding draws, this is how your questions will appear in Story View, with a total of 8 draws:

After you've created your 8 draws, you'll need to add a results slide that will tally up every question that your learners answer:

All your learners will see is 40 questions and a results slide when they've answered them all!  This method will reveal those questions grouped by topic.  If you want to get fancy 😊, you can create more draws with fewer questions each to mix the sequence of questions of different topics.

Let us know if that helps!

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