How to quick-set the time length of the slide

Hi guys,

My articulate seems to be doing this really annoying thing where each slide I make is defaulted to last 1,500 seconds. I don't know if it impacts overall file size but it's still annoying nonetheless. Is there a way I can quick-set the total length of time for the slide without having to drag the end point back to around the 10s mark? It literally takes me 2 minutes to drag the end point to 10s with the timeline zoomed out. That time all adds up when I have courses that have over 100 slides.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jordan,

Does this behavior happen when you click Insert > New Slide, or when you copy slides? This can sometimes happen when you copy slides if you've had an object with a long duration on a previous slide.

A quick way to shorten your timeline is to click on the end of the timeline and start dragging to the left. Then hit your left arrow key. The timeline should immediately shorten to the object with the longest duration on your timeline. Here's a video that explains how to do it.

Alyssa Gomez

Awesome! Thanks for letting me know it worked for you. However, since that's just a workaround, I want to make sure Storyline is working properly for you, as well. It sounds like this timeline issue happening across the board in Storyline so I would recommend repairing your software to fix this erratic behavior.

If you run into any trouble or continue to see this happen after running that repair, it would be best to get in touch with our Support Engineers here so they can work with you to resolve this as quickly as possible. The workaround is great for the short term, but I want to make sure the software runs smoothly for you in the long term :)