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Sudhakar Reddy

Hello Leslie,

Thanks for your reply. 

Here are the my requirement:

I am using 5 question banks in one quiz. Each question bank is having 8 question, from that the learner will get 4 question in every attempt. I know the option to randomize and draw the number of questions(4 out of 8) from one bank.

Now I am facing a challenge is to randomize the question banks for each attempt by taking a consideration of above requirement.

Is this possible? Awaiting for your response. 

Thanks in advance


Laura Semethy

I would really like to be able to randomize the order of the questions given to learners from several question banks. For example, I have 15 question banks in my test. I am drawing 1 question from each bank to make a 15 question quiz. But I'd like those questions that are drawn to be randomized when given to the learners. You can't do that right now. This could also be resolved by randomizing the order of the banks, but you can't do that either.