How to re-order entire scenes?

Good morning,

We have created some eLearning materials using Storyline360. The modules included in this eLearning go from 1-6, with a seventh scene containing a menu for the learner to access any module at their will.

My question is, how can I re-arrange these scenes to so that the list goes in the right order? Currently, our Scene #4 is the 'Module Summary' which is supposed to be right at the end. This needs amending for the sake of the side-menu which appears when a learner is using the eLearning.

I can provide screenshots if needed. A prompt response would be greatly appreciated!


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Derek Akerman

Hmm, this is interesting but doesn't quite help I'm afraid. With my project, we have 7 scenes which each include a number of slides (see my attachment!). You'll see that of these 7 scenes, the current order is a little out of sync and we need to be able to move the '4 3. Module Summary' to the last position. At the moment, it sits in the wrong place in the side-navigation area when we're using the software (see attachment no. 2).


Thanks a lot.

Derek Akerman

Also, it's worth noting that when I remove our 'menu' page in order to clean up the story view, there is zero issue with the Story View. Here, you can see that each Topic rolls into the next one accurately, however in the Side-Navigation Area it still puts 'Module Summary' in the wrong position as before.