How to reduce the timeline length for all elements?

Jul 19, 2012

Hi all

This is probably a silly question but...

My Articulate story automatically sets page display time to 40 secons or more depending on if I have a video with media controls  on the page. If the video is running when the timeline ends it stops the video playing which is irritating and makes the page seem broken. 

I have found that I can just shorten the timeline length to only 5 seconds for example to allow for appearing content elements before someone will naturally attempt to try to play the video, but now in projcts that I have already completed, how can I just shorten the timeline length ?  I have tried selecting all elements on the timeline and dragging the end marker to the left but it wont move, i have to move each element individually.

Can someone let me know what I am missing?



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Andrew Elder

The timeline has some built-in features when you add videos:

  1. It automatically expands the total timeline to the length of your video when inserted (tho it doesn't revert to the original timeline length if the video is removed).
  2. You are correct in that you can't drag the entire timeline left once a video is in place (if you shorten the video's timeline, it will allow you to drag the whole timeline back to the same place but no farther).

So barring any manual manipulation of the video after inserting, these two features should prevent the slide ending before the video completes. One thing I've found is if you slide the timeline for the video from the left (delaying start), the timeline does not automatically extend to accommodate.

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